GPEP - General Practice Education Training Programme


GPEP is the training programme for doctors to become general practitioners in New Zealand.

This programme is based on working in general practice, with the opportunity to work in rural and/or urban practices and to experience a variety of practice environments. Throughout the programme you will undertake a learning programme supported by trained educators and teachers.

This programme is the standard pathway to Fellowship and vocational registration as a general practitioner.



The standard full-time GPEP programme is 36 months and is completed in two stages. There are options available for completing this part time. If you have previous general practice experience this may be recognised and therefore shorten your time in the programme.

The first year is referred to as GPEP Year 1 and the second and third years are referred to as GPEP Years 2 & 3. You will sit the GPEP Clinical and Written Examinations at the end of GPEP Year 1, and then undergo the Fellowship assessment on the completion of GPEP2.


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GPEP Programme

The General Practice Education Programme - GPEP, is the education and training programme for doctors becoming general practitioners.


Applications for GPEP Year 1 will close Friday 15 May 2015.